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San Automatic Sensor Tap - Multi Item Discount Available

The Fixflow range of automatic taps are specifically designed to be installed at a preset temperature, controlled by a thermostatic regulator ensuring a constant controlled temperature every time the tap is activated. Ideal for public and commercial washrooms.


Fixflow Features

Control: Designed with SCM. Stops water automatically when water flow exceeds 1 minute.

Adjustable distance: Easily adjustable sensor range.

Strainer device: Strainer can be removed and cleaned to prevent blocking.

Anti-blocking needle: The solenoid valve is protected by an anti-blocking needle inside.

San Automatic Sensor Tap - Multi Item Discount Available

Quantity Required - Bundle Price
  • Can be battery or mains powered.

    If you have power below the sink in place we will power by mains.

    Batteries required 4 x AA Batteries 

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