Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating has two great advantages over conventional radiator systems. It works via a network of hot water pipes or electrical wires distributing heat from beneath the floor, so the heat is spread more evenly throughout the room.

Underfloor heating can operate at a lower temperature -and thus at a lower cost -than radiators. ECS Heating partner with Uponor, market leaders in underfloor heating systems, to offer you a full analysis, design and installation service for this energy efficient heating solution. 

  • Comfort! Your feet will be lovely and warm, so you can walk around barefoot all year - it’s particularly welcoming in the bathroom when you step out of the bath or shower

  • It distributes heat evenly and consistently around each room

  • A suitably sized unit can heat a larger area than an individual radiator, and works at a lower temperature, so it could reduce your heating bills

  • Less wastage – your floors will stay warm even if the windows are open or the room is very draughty

  • It’s hidden – so it doesn’t spoil your décor or take up space with ugly, bulky radiators

  • It can be installed below stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors (as long as the carpet isn’t too thick - a 1.5 tog is generally considered the maximum suitable thickness)

  • It might enhance your home’s selling price: underfloor heating has a reputation for being state of the art and high spec and could attract buyers looking for a luxurious property

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